Website Management is essentially an insurance policy on your website packed with proven preventative measures. Our management program enables a fully monitored website that is always up to date and fully protected. If at any time there are technical issues with your website, we will jump in and fix it straight away.

Website Management also employs various tools that allow your get an up to date insight on the performance of your website. This allows you to come up with strategies moving forward in terms of marketing or SEO.

*Our website management plan is for WordPress based websites only*


Weekly Backups

You website is backed up on a weekly basis (can be modified to suit your needs). Put your mind at ease knowing that your valuable website is always safe. Backups are stored offsite so that it is accessible in the event of a website crash.

Security Checks

Your website is monitored in real-time to keep it safe from threats, especially malware. If a threat is detected or in progress, your website will go into a protective mode and notify us. We then take corrective actions and restore things to normal.


Over time certain technologies change that affect the performance and functionality of your website. You website is monitored and updated on a regular schedule. All updates and changes are detailed in your monthly report.

Monthly Reports

We generate a monthly report of the status and health of your website. This gives you a transparent insight to your online property. Reports include stats on traffic, security, and more. The reports are delivered by email for you to analyse.

Uptime Monitoring

Your website is your 24/7 employee so we make sure that it is always working for you. Uptime monitoring alerts us of any problems with your website including hosting issues or anything that can take yourself online. We are then able to address the problem directly without delay.


Your website is closely monitored to provide you with insight on how your website is doing on the world wide web. We connect it to Google Analytics which allows you to see more about your visitors and enables you to employ a strategy to attract more visitors.

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