This website is owned and operated by Vzanda Designs (ABN: 37 69 358 6214) and located in Melbourne, VIC in the country of Australia. Below we have set forth our terms of service for our services listed on this website. These terms may change without prior notice. Please also refer to our process for information about projects.



Vzanda Designs provides website design and development, website hosting, website management and limited graphic design functions.


We are contracted to create your website and we will work with you to do so. We are not your employees and will not be treated as such.

We do not copy websites. We appreciate your input about websites you like but we value our other clients' privacy and originality. Request for sites "just like" or "exactly like" another client's website will be ignored. Sometimes the same technology might be used on multiple sites. All efforts will be made to make sure that the duplicated technology does not look or feel like another.


Quotes are sent via emails and will contain an approximate cost of your project. It is usual that we not go over on the quoted amount. Each quote is specific and should be read carefully. Our quotes are written as such to provide you the opportunity to tailor as necessary. The agreed upon amount will be met with an invoice for 50% of the total price before we begin. This is non-refundable.


Payments are to be made to the nominated account as displayed on the invoices. Projects over $1,000 require a 50% deposit before we begin work. The remaining balance will be paid within one month after the initial deposit. New projects less than $1,000 require full payment upfront.


Before we start work on your project, you will have a projected end date. This time may vary depending on workload, content availability and many other factors. We will keep you updated on the progress of your project.

If for some reason you are unable to keep up with the pace of the project's agreed timeframe, please communicate this to us. A lack of communication will lead us to believe that the project is being abandoned or completed. We prefer a simple email saying that you are busy rather than no communication at all.


Throughout the project, we will communicate via email to keep records and by phone as necessary. Communication throughout the project is included in the quoted price. If during the project you go unresponsive to our requests for information or clarification, we will assume that your project is on hold and will stop all work until proper communication is restored. When the project is completed, unless you are signed up for website management, support is limited. Email support will be met with a minimum 15 minute charge per email. Website management clients do not realise such fees.


While building your website, we may invite you to view the progress as we work. This will allow you to gather your thoughts and possible changes. When we have completed all of the agreed work, we invite your changes and thoughts. Since there is only one round of revision, we encourage a few days to really feel out the website before submitting your changes. The changes submitted will be considered ‘final’ and we will make them for you.


Once the round of revision is completed, we will consider the project closed. We will monitor the website for seven days to ensure that everything is running smoothly. During this seven day period, we will only make changes that we deem necessary as to affect the functionality of the website. No cosmetic changes will be honoured unless a separate quote is accepted. Visitor complaints that is deemed to be a design flaw within the seven day period will be fixed accordingly. After seven days, any edits or time spent working on the website will be met with an invoice for services rendered.


Your website, the look and functionality is to be noted as the property of Vzanda Designs during the creation process. It shall reside on our servers until transfer of ownership takes place. This happens when the final payment is made and the website is transferred onto your hosting provider.


After your project is completed, you will be supplied with the all information in regards to your website. This allows you to make changes as necessary or seek out the services of another web designer or developer. Any work we perform on the website after closure will not be attempted until we agree upon a quoted price. Our current fee is $80 per hour with a half hour minimum.

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