The process when it comes to getting your website online can vary in many ways depending on your design company's procedures. Here are our procedures to give you an idea of what to expect and also help other design professionals to simplify their process. The processes outlined below are aligned with our Terms & Conditions.

  • Quote - The first line of contact will be a quote. You simply click the link at the top of the website and this allows us to get a better understanding of your project and generate additional question that we may need to ask. This is a very simplified process that takes a few minutes. Further communication will take place via email. In most cases, we respond to quotes within the hour or minutes.

  • Email communication - We do like speaking to you but we also like a record of everything related to your website. This does not mean that we will not discuss ideas and issues over the phone, it just means that it leaves a digital chain that we can always refer to if needed.

  • Quote delivery - Sorry to disappoint, this is not as fancy as some others we have seen in circulation. Sometimes we get confused when viewing quotes by a web designer or marketing professional. Our quotes are simply based on what we have discussed and agreed to. Our quote also serves as our contract to develop your website.

  • Starting your website project - We tend to start projects locally on our computer but we do expect that within a few days you have sorted out a few things that we would have discussed in the quotation stage. These include a domain name and hosting account. You can read about that here. Also, as outlined in our terms, we do require a 50% deposit before we begin working on the website. Once payment is received, you can sit back and relax.

  • Initial delivery - We will present you with a work in progress version of the website where we will be open to input within reason as agreed to on in the quote. At this time we can make small changes before progressing further. This usually happens after we have completed the functionalities and begin working on cosmetics. Once we have received your input, we will once again disable access to the site and continue working.

  • Completion of the website - Once we have completed the website, it is launched and tested in a live environment. We do recommend sending a few close friends or colleagues to test the site and search for bugs.

  • The handover - Once everything is good to go, we will require the remaining 50% to release the website to you. At this stage we will transfer everything associated with your website. We would also show you around the website so that you can attempt to make changes as necessary. This obviously depends on the complexity and your skill level.

  • As mentioned, the process set above is inline with our Terms & Conditions so it's also a good idea to reference that page.

    Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you.