A fast website should not be overlooked. It is one of the factors taken into consideration when ranking your website in search engines such as Google. Before you read much further, I suggest that you have a quick check of your page speed and come back. You can also check out ours to see that I may know what I am talking about.

Now that you're back; what is your score? I sincerely hope it was above 90 and in the green. If so, please close this window because you know what you are doing or your web developer does. If you're in the orange range, it is not all that bad but some things can and should be done to speed things up a bit. On the other hand, if your result is red, you may want to finish reading this and contact your web developer to ask them to try to make your site a faster.

So what can you do to make your site better? Read on...


Perform a speed test at Solved DNS to see what your server is up to. If all is green, you're on your way. Old servers and their technologies fade over time but most good hosting providers will keep that up to date. On the web design and development part of things, it is on you to contact your developer to get your site up to speed. This could be costly or cheap depending on what needs to be done, but this will usually not be encountered on the server side of things.


Images are usually the largest files that your server has to retrieve and render so a photo heavy website would use more resources to show those photos so that may slow things down a bit. It is hard to sacrifice a good looking website for speed but it is well worth it. Not all is lost though; images can be compressed and made smaller, or they can even be hosted elsewhere which can serve them up faster than your server.

If you are using a Wordpress built website, you are able to do this a bit easily and maybe on your own. I recommend a plugin called Smush that will do this automatically for you. Use caution especially if you are not a web designer or developer yourself (read this). Once again, contact your developer if you have an image heavy website and would like it reviewed and sped up.

What now?

The list above only gets you thinking about what can be done but your web guy or gal should be able to sort you out. I really do not want to start confusing you with minifying and compressions for two reasons. One; it can get a bit delicate and complicated, and two; I'm tired of typing!

On a serious note though, contact your developer or us to have a look at your website to give you a checkup. Now, onto my cheesy made up quote.

“Winners usually win”