A website is probably now your best and most stable representation of your business over social media and paid advertising. It's more of an investment in respect to the long-term returns.

Before seeking a web designer to start a website, there are a few things you will require and need to consider since these additional things may not be quoted in the price of your website.

  • Domain Name - Your domain name is a part of your branding. This is also the web address that your visitors will type into the address bar to find your website. There are no rules to this but you have to be smart and purchase a domain name that closely matches your business. You should also endeavour to make sure that it is marketable by word of mouth. Something easy to remember and spell, unlike 'Vzanda'.
  • Website Hosting - Your hosting account is in essence a folder on a computer where all of your website files (such as photos) are stored and accessed by visitors when they go to your domain name. We offer website hosting to our clients at a rate of $250 + GST per year.

Those are the two main things that will get you on the way to having your website live. All hosts should have different website maker tools for you to explore and ever create your own website! Be sure to read this article before you decide to do so.

Now that you're all sorted and educated, contact us to get started.