I love all the tools available for getting a website online. There are great programs like Weebly and other website builders that offer great tools to get your business online, minutes in some cases. The reason I love these is because they assist in weeding out non-suitable clients.

We live in the generation where YouTube, search engines and awesome informational websites direct us on how to do every single task we can imagine. Heck, I recently watched a video on how to replace the compressor on my car which I have done myself. Doing that by no means makes me a mechanic but I did it and it works just as fine. On the other hand, I still cannot get the car to start up right away. I’ve bought all the parts recommended by a forum, ripped things apart and cleaned them out, read all the engineer drawings and even made contact with one of the website owners who apparently fixed the same issue. I would say this was going on for months. Took it to a mechanic, he replaced some fuel pressure thingy and done. $75 well spent. At my web design rate, I would have made $6,400 for the time I spent trying to fix that little issue which at one point I thought was fixed. If I were the mechanic, I would have charged me an ignorance tax had I known the story.

Back to websites…

Your website is your marketing tool that works 24/7 and needs to be well built and maintained. This CAN be done with the quick and easy template tools but if you want real lasting results, leave it to the pros. Do you know how to make your site search engine optimised? Add some custom css to get that perfect look? Do you know how to set up Webmasters Tools and make it link with Analytics and Adwords? Do you know how to minify your css and javascript to speed up your page? Do you know how to compress images and host them on a CDN? If you do, then you are on your way to a functioning website. Yes folks, these are some of the things the pros do. The look of your website is useless if the above plus more are not taken into consideration.

With that being all said, you can definitely jump on a website builder and have an awesome website so please do not get me wrong. What I am getting it as that we need to turn to the professionals to get results. There are websites about treating a broken arm but I’d prefer to pay my overpriced doctor any day.

“It is very easy to design our own website, but it will suck and you will not know it. I can almost guarantee it.”