Host Your Emails Separate From Your Hosting Account

Most hosting plans boast free unlimited email accounts but never tell you the consequences of having them both on the same server! When we accepted hosting clients, that was also one of our defining factors since emails are one of the most important things people look for in a hosting account.

The first instance of problems are soon recognised once your hosting provider does any maintenance, experiences server downtime or a crash. Your emails are no longer being sent or received and your website is not working. You cannot even email your hosting provider for assistance as the emails are down. In most cases, your website does not work and you are unaware because you are not receiving emails to tell you that story. This may not seem like a big deal, but what if your hosting provider experiences a long downtime or a proper crash? You are out of emails for days or even weeks with no guarantee that things will be intact.

Another thing to think about is hacking. Imagine someone hacked your website (not the hardest thing in the world to do) and somehow got into your hosting account. They now have unlimited access to your email account(s). You get my drift?

This is why we recommend that you host your emails on their own. This way the website status does not affect your email accounts and email hosts tend to have better security in place than a hosting account. Most (almost all) domain name registrars provide email accounts with your domain. This is great because as long as you have your domain name, you have an email account. They tend to be very little space though. Often in the 1GB area. You can boost up that space for a cost, of course.

The best tested and used recommendation is Google Apps for Business. For $5 per month you have access to a higher level the Google services you are used to plus more. Google bring you apps that you are already familiar with including Gmail, Drive, Docs, Forms and a bit more features. Vzanda Designs uses Google Apps for Business.

“Never again would I host my emails on the same account as my website hosting!”